We Are Axelent - Oskar Berg - CEO Axelent USA

Oskar Berg
In November we welcomed Oskar Berg as the new CEO for Axelent USA. Oskar is born and raised in Sweden but has lived in the US since 1999, and his recent position was with Absortech before joining us. We took the opportunity to get to know Oskar a little bit better. Read about his interesting journey that has led him to where he is today, and what visions he has for Axelent USA ahead.  


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?  

I was born and raised in Sweden but came over to the US in 1999. Back then I started working for a small Swedish company called Combi Wear Parts. They had a subsidiary in Chicago. There were only three of us in the office, so I wore a lot of hats working with everything from HR to accounting. Over the years the organization grew, and I ended up as President for the North American operation. In 2018 I switched gears and started working for another Swedish company called Absortech. They were looking for someone to build up their operations from scratch in North America. 

This was a perfect fit for me since customer interaction and business development is my passion. Everything was humming along nicely when Axelent approached me with a challenge I simply couldn't say no to; spearheading the operation of market leading company with an unrivaled product that is in high demand, is hard to say no to. 

I live in a suburb close to Chicago with my wife, two daughters and our dog, Lola. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, golf and ski in the wintertime. I also put a premium on spending time with my wonderful family. 


How did you get in contact with Axelent?  

Funny thing: I actually remember when Axelent started their operation in the US. I visited their small office in downtown Chicago back in 2004. I have followed the progress of Axelent ever since and was pleasantly surprised when they approached me. As the former CEO was retiring it gave me the opportunity to step into that role.


What made you interested in working for Axelent USA?

The main reasons I find this position attractive is the people and the product. The energy and commitment to moving the company forward is very visible both in the US and the HQ team in Sweden. Everyone enjoys coming to work! That is rare. The other reason is the product. Axelent has a high-quality product rivaled by none in the market. The quality team and product development team ensure that we always offer something that will satisfy. This is also rare. 


Share your first impressions of Axelent as a company and what your visions are for Axelent USA forward? 

I had the pleasure of meeting the whole management team this summer in Sweden prior to joining the company. This was a good way for them to get a feeling for who I am and vice versa. It was a very good meeting and I think I can say that there was a mutual feeling that my role as CEO for North America was a good fit for both parties. I was also taken on a tour of the production and logistics center. I was blown away by how advanced and automated everything was. Nothing there was done by chance. Needless to say I was very impressed, and humbled, understanding how much I had to learn very fast.  

My vision is to keep building on the great success we have already had in the US. We already have advanced expansion plans. We will keep growing our outstanding team and gain market share. I will stick my neck out and say that we will become the largest Axelent subsidiary in the world within short; watch out Germany! ;) 


What are you looking forward to the most in this new position?  

Most looking forward to building a very strong team in the US. We already have committed members and I’m looking forward to empowering everyone so that we as a group can produce even more. I’m also looking forward to fully embracing “One Axelent” and leverage all the resources that Axelent globally can offer. I truly believe that with open communication and support from HQ we can achieve so much more. 


Can you tell us a little bit about the team in Axelent USA?

The only thing I can say is that I have the best of the best. I realize that this sounds very cliché, but we truly have the absolute best group of people that I can ask for.  

We are a team of 13, everyone filling equally important roles from packing orders to working CAD drawings to pounding the pavement generating new sales. Everyone is needed just as much as the next person! 

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