Interview mit Harald Steidle, Geschäftsführer der Axelent GmbH

Harald Steidle is our CEO of Axelent Germany, and he started his career in the Customer Support team. Harald is a great example on how you can grow your career within Axelent. Axelent Germany is today one of our largest companies in the Axelent Group and Harald tells us how they tackle the Covid 19 challenges, the Axelent DNA and much more.

Harald Steidle, CEO Axelent Germany)


How are things in Germany – with the pandemic situation and the consequences it brings?

We started in an early stage, in the beginning of March, to adjust the daily routines and processes. That has helped us a lot to cover all the issues and challenges of this strange situation.
We have three key factors that made it possible to keep our business running. The non-disturbed deliveries from our production in Hillerstorp (Sweden). The well-motivated and the well-educated staff at Axelent GmbH. And, and the third that we are really proud of, the great and professional relationship to our customers. A great relationship we have built over the years.

How did your journey at Axelent begin and how have your career at the company developed from that time?

I started at the local customer support in 2006. This time we had our office in Ellwangen. After one and a half year, I got the possibility to work with marketing and public relations at Axelent GmbH. During that time, we have developed Axelent to a well-known company on the Germany market. After a few years as a Business Area Manager for Germany, I became Managing Director for Axelent GmbH in 2014. Today Axelent is based in Degerloch, a district of Stuttgart.

You have been at Axelent for quite some time – can you share an Axelent memory with us?

Of course, there a lot of memories. But I have one special and personal highlight.
As you might know, we are supporting Johannes Rydzek, Germany’s Athlete of the year 2017 and a German Nordic combined skier, and he is promoting Axelent in his sport. We started this partnership in February 2015.
Two weeks after we signed the contract, Johannes won his first World Champion title in Falun, Sweden. It was a Friday afternoon and I was celebrating in front of my television like a child! I am honest - I still get teary-eyed when looking back at this moment.

Five years later, Johannes won six World Champion titles and is Double Olympic Champion in Nordic Combined. All titles he won with Axelent as a proud partner. 

How would you describe an ordinary day at work?

There is no ordinary day at work! And that makes it exciting and interesting. We have about 230 working days a year and every day is unique. The most important task in my work is to be available for my team all days.

What do you like most about your job?

It is great to have the opportunity to create ideas and solutions to develop the business and to improve the work and the knowledge of the German team. I like to work with people and I define my job as a supplier for the team. I have to “deliver” the frame, the motivation, the spirit and act as a backup. The team in Germany is the key to success for Axelent on the German market.

What is most challenging for you in your job? 

There is no day like yesterday, today or tomorrow. The most challenging is to handle every day in the best way, take care about staff and to make sure our customers are satisfied. To “take the day” with all issues and with all success stories is the main challenge. And I must be a good sample for my team every day. That is not easy from time to time. 

What characterizes a typical Axelent-person?

Responsibility. You can’t have “responsibility” on a written CV document only – you have to take responsibility! That is in the DNA of an Axelent-person. I am always telling my team that we have no “forwarding function” in our mail-software. And they are acting according to this message. That is Axelent: Taking responsibility.

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