We’re investing in logistics

As we all know, Axelent is currently in a phase of extreme expansion. So we are focusing heavily on developing and improving our logistics operations to help the organisation cope with its rapid growth. One step in this process is the new warehouse which is being built at Axelent in Hillerstorp.

Axelents Nya Lager)



It wasn’t long ago that we wrote about the “new” warehouse, and now we’re busy building again. The new extension on the north section of the facility has 5,000 sq.m of space and will be fitted with eight new loading doors. We hope this will lead to shorter waiting times at the loading bay and thus enable deliveries to be dispatched more quickly. The four doors in use today will be used for the container traffic, which is continuously on the increase.

Logistics 4.0 

The new warehouse marks step one of Logistics 4.0. Logistics 4.0 means that our small parts warehouse will eventually become fully automated and this is also the first step towards a more automated packaging process.




Logistics worldwide

We are investing in logistics outside of Sweden too.The whole world is our playing field so we have to work accordingly. We already have logistics centres in Chicago USA, Adelaide Australia and Tokyo Japan. In 2019, we’ll be setting up our fourth logistics centre outside of Sweden, this time in Bangkok. This logistics centre will serve South East Asia. We’ll be reporting more on this in future X-News.

Logistics tailored to products

Logistics is not just about building new logistics centres. The product sometimes needs something totally different. One example of this is X-Tray, our cable routing system. In order to provide the speedy deliveries that customers demand, we had to find a logistics solution tailored to the market. Turn to page 5 to read about our partnership with Ahlsell. We’re very proud of this partnership and it is a major step in Axelent’s logistics development process.

Enjoy reading!

Stefan Axelsson,
Export Manager, Axelent AB

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