Axelent Engineering acquires A2 Zound by Semcon

On the 1st of January Axelent Engineering AB acquired A2 Zound By Semcon AB. A2Zound is a company that sells and services PLM solutions with the platforms 3D-Experience and CATIA / DELMIA from Dassault. The company name has been changed to Axelent Software Solutions AB.

Managing Director Richard Skogward speaks about the acquisition and its significance for the company

“The acquisition enables a larger palette of goods, services and resources related to PLM solutions. The merger will make Axelent Engineering one of the leading Swedish companies in Dassault’s 3D-Experience platform. A2 Zound is established in four locations: Gothenburg, Huskvarna, Gislaved and Hillerstorp.”

Axelent Engineering Acquires)



Own use of software gives valuable insights

“Because we ourselves use the software we offer, it gives us valuable insights into its challenges and possibilities. We know from our own experience that if a customer gets out of the starting blocks quickly, they will soon be seeing profitable and efficient flows. Something I’m sure most people are interested in.”

Axelent Engineering – where the future is forged

”Axelent Engineering collaborates with several of Sweden's leading industrial companies and we have longstanding partnerships with large robotics and system suppliers. Cutting edge tools and digital collaboration platforms
are setting new standards for the working methods of the future. Or, as we say at Axelent, this is where
the future is forged.”

As well as PLM solutions, Axelent Engineering also focuses on production and production development, a combination that enables us to fulfil the visions of Industry 4.0. In short, to inject Industry 4.0 with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).”

New procedures offer a better service

In order to improve accessibility and service level for our customers, Axelent Engineering has formed a dedicated service department. On the 1st of January, Axelent Engineering and Hillerstorps Specialmaskiner AB introduced new procedures for handling service requests in order to boost customer support.

Axelent Engineering Service Department



Axelent Engineering offers a wide range of services, including:

Emergency service on most machines with the possibility of a guaranteed response time
Troubleshooting and repairs in Mechanics, Robotics and PLC
Planned maintenance
Risk assessment with consultation for suitable measures
The manufacture of machined spare parts
The manufacture and fitting of machine guards and cable trays. (Axelent X-Guard and X-Tray)


To discuss a service agreement, or related issues, please contact:

Mattias Melkersson
+46 (0)371-58 37 23


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