Axelent and Ahlsell in exclusive partnership

Axelent is proud to announce that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with the wholesale company Ahlsell. Sales of the X-Tray range of products via Ahlsell’s channels began in February. This enables Axelent to offer the market even faster delivery of its cable trays.

Samarbete Med Ahlsell)



It has long been Axelent’s ambition to offer the ultimate logistics solution to its wire tray customers. With fast deliveries, you want professional users to get the right product in the right place at the right time. Professionals often require the products they’ve ordered to be delivered as quickly as the following day.

Ahlsell can offer the best logistics solution

Axelent has seen the advantage of distributing wire trays through a wholesaler. This ensures efficient logistics and meets the market’s demands for fast deliveries and availability. Ahlsell can offer an extensive range. The whole-saler has a strong focus on the industrial sector, which is the market for Axelent’s wire trays. Ahlsell has some 240 stores and three central warehouses and distribution across the Nordic countries, as well as in Estonia, Poland and Russia.


Hoping for sales growth

Axelent is extremely proud of its partnership with Ahlsell. Mattias Darmark, Nordic Sales manager:
“We will be focusing strongly on making inroads into the Swedish market, so that Ahlsell sees increased sales and new customers that start to buy Axelent’s products via Ahlsell. We’re hoping to build volumes and sales really soon.”


Axelent will lead product development in the industry

Axelent wants to play a leading role in product development within the industry and offer the best range in the market. Although X-Tray is a simple range, its breadth gives it great adaptability and practicality across various industries. Daniel Filipsson, Product Manager for X-Tray:
“The focus used to be on wire trays for the electricity sector only. Nowadays, we’re concentrating more on industries. We are focusing strongly on products and are developing and adapting the range to meet the unique requirements of each sector.” 


Axelent’s X-Tray range is available at

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