5 quickies about Chile

When Axelent was to establish in the South American market, we found a partner in Portaconductore's SpA. They already worked with innovative and high quality products with Swedish suppliers and therefore perfectly suited us!




What products do you sell? We started selling Axelent's products in 2012 but have worked in the industry since 1980. We offer the entire X-Trays range and in addition to Axelent's products, we also sell air showers for labs and on request also products that can be hard to find in Chile.

How many employees are you on Portaconductores SpA?

Today we are three employees in the company.

What industries do you work with?

Our products and cable trays are located in most of the cable wiring sectors, such as industrial power, mining and tunneling solutions, construction and manufacturing, food and beverage industry, telecom industry, subways, shipyards and airports, gas and oil industry, fruit and packaging, pharmaceutical industry as well as industries in general.

What are the strongest USP's of Axelent?

Firstly, high quality production and raw materials. Secondly, the brand itself together with the well-known products that are certified at the highest level. And finally; Sweden is a country that represents good quality.




What benefits do you see as being one part of Axelent?

Through the partnership with Axelent, Portaconductores SpA gains the trust that a well-known brand creates in the market, and we can take advantage of the opportunities and benefits gained when you have a large company like the Axelent Group. Best of all, when customers have discovered the benefits of Axelent, they recommend us to other companies.

In Chile, it is estimated that Axelent is a Swedish company because it is apparent that the quality is high. This, in turn, means that our customers have high confidence in us and what we offer. Confidence is the perfect reason for us to build customer relations because our relationships based on mutual trust.

What happens in the future?

This year, economic growth in the country will be about 4% and we expect the company to grow 10%, same forecast for 2019. Everything indicates that it will look the same for the next four years, so in the near future we must aim for growth of about 10% per year. We're also looking for new similar products that can complement our X-Tray series and make sure we're approaching our goal.

FACTS Portaconductores SpA

We work with innovative and high quality products with suppliers from Sweden, England and the United States. We provide support to our customers from the start of the project with permanent presence until the final report.

We are leading the market for cable processing in the food industry, mining, construction, telecommunications and general industry.

Founded 1980

Besteller X-Tray

Web www.portaconductores.cl


5 quickies about Chile

Capital Santiago de Chile

Official language Spanish

Population 18 191 884

Currency Chilean peso

National Day September 18th

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