The art of opening 3D files without CAD software

Axelent Engineering AB sales and provides support for the 3D View Station software from Kisters. The program allows you to open, visualise and analyse different types of CAD models with no previous knowledge of CAD. Mirko Miljevic, sales representative at Axelent Engineering AB, explains.




Tell us more about 3D View Station

“3D View Station is a user-friendly program that opens most 3D CAD formats. It allows you to measure, rotate and analyse your models. No previous CAD skills are required to use 3D View Station.”

It sounds expensive

“Quite the opposite. The program costs a fraction of a standard CAD program. We usually say a tenth of the price.”

What target market are you looking at?

“Anybody who needs to open CAD files but who have no CAD skills or access to CAD software. It could be project managers, purchasers or other people in the organisation who need easy access to information in 3D CAD files to be able to do their jobs.”




Is it possible to export files?

“Yes, you can easily export files that you’re using in your work. You can, for example, create a parts list of everything included in the product, or a STEP file for export to other systems. Worth noting is that you can export 3D PDFs from loaded 3D CAD models. Perfect for showing a model in full 3D of products to people who only use Adobe Reader.”

Is CAD software no longer needed?

“3D-View Station doesn’t compete with CAD programs but supplements them as a simple solution for all who need to view 2D drawings and 3D models from different CAD systems.

70 % of people who open a CAD file want to get a quick measurement, rotate the object or create a exploded view. You can do all this very easily in the 3D viewer with no CAD skills whatsoever.”

My computer is not equipped with the best graphics. Can I still view 3D models?

“3D View Station is designed also for use without expensive graphics cards. It’s possible to handle large 3D models on a computer with less capacity.”




If I am not keen on installing anything on my computer, is there an online version?

“3D View Station is available online for companies who operate on a global market and don't want their CAD information being copied. The online version requires no installation by the client and there are mobile and tablet versions too.”

How can I be sure that 3D View Station is right for me?

“You can download a demo from our website and test the complete program for 30 days free of charge. If interested, just give us a call at Axelent Engineering and we’ll tell you all about our latest offers.”

Photo - Customer case:

One customer of ours who definitely benefits from using 3 D View Station is Kongsberg Automotive. Kongsberg Automotive supplies world class products to the global vehicle industry. Their products enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and more longer lasting.


You can open both 2D and 3D CAD. You can make notes inside the file. 3D View Station is available as an online version.

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