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Axelent Spain have wind in their sails. Several new recruitments had arrived and it was high time for some product training. Hands-on training is a tried and tested method of improving the knowledge of Axelent’s product range throughout the company.

Andreas Gotmark, Sales Manager at Axelent AB, visited Axelent Spain Academy to give hands-on training in the X-Tray range.



Picture above: Andreas Gotmark (dark jacket) shows Eric Plana how to fit an X-Tray wire tray to an X-Guard panel. Also in the picture from left to right: Inigo Martínez, Antonio Rovira, José Luis Parra.


Erica Bengtsson, MD, Axelent Spain:

Internal training is vital and something we’d like to invest more in. X-Tray especially is a product we needed to learn more about in order to promote it on the Spanish market. 

We learned the difference between the two X-Tray systems: on the one hand a complete cable routing system for clean rooms, food storage, telecommunications, and on the other a complete system in black, specially designed for X-Guard. We also ran through the basics of assembly and the various parts.”


Axelent Spain satisfied customersNine out of ten customers recommend Axelent Spain

To check the level of their customer service, Axelent Spain conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The findings were very positive. 89 per cent of the respondents said they would recommend Axelent Spain.

The customers had the following to say about the company:

• High quality products that are easy to assemble
• Flexible and adaptable solutions
• Keep their promise and always deliver on time
• Professional approach

There were also things to improve upon:

• Reduce the problem of non-standardised products
• Deeper understanding of customer needs

With the customers' views in mind, Axelent Spain is continuing to work on improvements while saying a big thank you to all their customers.

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