BMI Axelent

FlexiStore protects the air conditioning unit as well as people

BMI Axelent is situated near Le Havre, the largest seaport in France. Intermarché, a well-known French food chain, contacted BMI Axelent for help to protect the air conditioning in their store in Le Havre.




Christophe Levacher, seller, BMI Axelent:

“The Intermarché food chain contacted us for help at their store in Le Havre. The massive air conditioning plant needed guards. The project was special because it included a 7 meters span selfsupporting roof in FlexiStore mesh panels.

We came up with a solution and carried out the installation. The guard has a double function. It guards the plant from trespassers while protecting people from it.”

Intermarché logoFacts Intermarché

Intermarché is the name of a French national and international food chain. Intermarché is part of the large retail group “Les Mousquetaires”, founded in 1969.

Stores in Europe:

Stores in Europe:
France: 1,835
Belgium: 78
Poland: 232
Portugal: 243

Les Mousquetaires

Sales: €40.2 m
Workforce: 146,000

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