Allow us to present

Jonas Persson, new seller in Team Construction




What is your background?

“I was born and raised in Forsheda, but now live in Värnamo with my partner and our son. At an early age I set my sights on becoming Chef of the Year, so when it was time to choose an upper secondary programme I naturally went for Hotel & Restaurant.

Unfortunately I developed an allergy, but struggled on and completed the course. I worked as a chef for two years until I couldn't continue anymore. When my world fell apart I had to consider other options. After diverse jobs I had the chance to work as a seller and discovered that the job fitted me like a glove. In recent years I’ve worked as a district seller selling fasteners.”

What are your greatest strengths in sales?

“I’m purposeful, focused and have a strong inner drive.”

How do you plan to take up the challenge as a new seller in Team Construction?

“I’m looking forward to the challenge immensely! Team Construction is a great crew who are always striving to stay one step ahead with their know-how and expertise. With their help, some hard work and a little humility, I’m convinced that I will succeed in my role in Team Construction.”

What is the most inspiring thing about your job?

“That no two days are alike! The most inspiring thing is the meeting with so many exciting types of people and, of course, there’s nothing like the feeling of concluding a deal that you’ve worked hard for.”

Why would you recommend Axelent?

“We not only look to supply individual products, but turnkey solutions as well. We put the onus on customer satisfaction and maintain a high level of service in all departments.”

5 quickies
with Jonas Persson

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?

Favourite place?
Lazing in a sun lounger in Croatia

Hidden talent?
I’m pretty good at ironing

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