A sprinkling of stardust over the Axelent brand

What can sport possibly contribute to the Axelent world? Plenty! For several years now Axelent has identified itself with leading sports personalities.




Sponsorship is nothing new for us at Axelent AB. We began back in 2008 with our local speedway team, The Lions, who, with our help, won the Swedish Championships – not once but twice. One of their riders was the Dane, Nicki Pedersen, and we went on to sponsor him individually as well, which opened up a new market for us in Denmark.

National borders are erased

Sport transcends national borders and sport engages people, as anyone who has visited a stadium would testify. As for our Swedish sponsorship of SHL team HV71, we have chosen to be their partner because we largely share the same values, despite operating in completely different spheres. At Axelent we help our colleagues to develop and progress in much the same way as the ice hockey club nurtures its talent. “Grow with us”, both in the company and on the ice.




Sponsorship is of great benefit

As well as the obvious marketing-related benefits of exposing our brand to people who are deeply engaged, there is another benefit. There is nothing quite like sport for bonding good relationships with work colleagues and business partners. It gives a nice evening for everyone concerned and something to talk about the next time you meet.

As for Germany's Johannes Rydzek, it was really impressive of him to defend his double championship title from 2015. Seeing an X under his skis was rather special too.

Making a difference

Just like a strategically placed X can make a difference for our brand, our Safety Book is getting rave reviews. It is a book that makes a difference and we are both proud and delighted to have Matthias Schulz aboard.

Something else I’m proud of are the efforts put in by everybody in 2016. It has given us a great starting block for 2017. Or pole position, as it is known in sporting terms.

Mats Hilding signatur

Mats Hilding, Managing Director, Axelent AB

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