Summarizing the past year at Axelent

The darkest time of the year has now cast its shadow over Sweden. It’s dark when you wake up, and it’s dark again already by three o’clock in the afternoon.
Fortunately, we have many happy memories to brighten our day!



I was on location in Australia to follow the solar car race in person. After the finish, we invited customers and solar car race participants to an event at Axelent Australia. Interest in the race in this sun-baked country was generally very high, especially among our customers.

This past summer, we reinstated the Axelent Safety Group. Safety has always been close to our hearts and it’s great to be involved in the group’s activities and projects. This will benefit anyone whose job brings them into contact with hazardous industrial environments. As we strive to protect humans rather than machines, we continually expand our range to be a complete supplier in industrial safety.

In this issue of X-News, you can read about two exciting projects of which we’re particularly proud. We’ve delivered safety solutions to Finn-Power, Prima Power’s proprietary machine manufacturer. The newly built plant is perhaps the most modern in the Nordic region. We’ve also acted as safety equipment supplier to the Vietnamese carmaker VinFast for its very first plant, which is especially pleasing for a car buff like me.

Axelent’s assignments continue to reap rewards, and this year we even made our debut as a Super Company. We’ve also been nominated for a CMA (Content Marketing Award) for the second time in the Best B2B Campaign category for our global marketing campaign.

When summing up the past year, we can look back with pride and conclude that we’ve created safer industrial environments across the globe.

Welcome to a safe world!

Stefan Axelsson,
Export Manager, Axelent AB

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