Axelent, a strategic winner

A frustrated coach once said to a young Wayne Gretzky when he failed to get any shots away: “You miss one hundred per cent of all the shots you don’t take”. He was right of course. To win you have to dare, and winners always dare. But daring is only a part of it. A plan, a strategy and a goal are also vital ingredients.




The first part of the year has been phenomenal for virtually the entire Axelent Group. I sometimes jokingly say that we at Axelent only surround ourselves with winners, and that is no exaggeration if we look back on our sponsorship initiatives.

A sprinkling of stardust over the Axelent brand

While on the subject of ice hockey, our sponsorship of HV71 reaped its reward with a runners-up position for the women’s team while the men were crowned Swedish champions. In Nordic Combination, Johannes Rydzek wrote himself into the history books by winning no fewer than four World Championships.

In addition to being inspired by, and endlessly proud of, these golden moments, we also get an insight into the importance of team spirit, goals orientation, strategy and implementation.




A 50 per cent increase in production capacity

Just like our dedicated athletes, we have begun preparing for next season. We have invested in a new production line (X-Line 4) and increased our production capacity by 50 per cent. In short, it means that we build on our success and are well equipped for a new strong season.

Stefan Axelsson Axelent AB

Stefan Axelsson, Export Manager, Axelent AB

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