The solar car has crossed the finish line!

It’s now official! The JU Solar Team came in tenth out of a total of twenty-seven participants in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019.
The journey across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide was completed in five days at an average speed of 64.6 km/h.

The JU Solar Team Finished The Solar Challange)



The total distance covered by the solar cars that made it all the way (11) was 3,019 km. The fastest car in the race had an average speed of exactly 87 km/h, but 300 km before the finish line it literally burned up. So, the competition had its fair share of drama. In fact, more than half (16) never finished – some didn’t even cover a single meter because they failed the initial inspection. With all this is mind, tenth place is clearly an impressive feat!

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