Euchner Mgb2 Classic Axelent)



We’re expanding our range of mounting kits for the next generation of Euchner’s popular Multifunctional Gate Box, MGB. They’re designed to enable emergency handles to be fitted on the inside. The sturdy mounting plate for the handle provides additional protection against unwarranted access. 

The MGB2 has a revamped design, new and extended functionality, and a modular layout offering flexibility and cost efficiency. The MGB2 offers more than just secure door protection – you can integrate all necessary security door functionality in a single unit.

The MGB2 is suitable for both hinged and sliding doors. In the Modular version, the MGB2 connects to PROFINET/PROFIsafe via a bus module, MBM. 

Mounting kit for X-Guard
T10-36 for hinged door
T10-37 for sliding door. 


For more information, contact Axelent’s customer service:

Team Yellow (Nordics),

Team Black (rest of world),

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