Axelent’s impact protections for safe industrial environments

Would you like to be able to reduce maintenance costs when a forklift goes astray, resulting in damage to a steel bollard, a concrete floor, the forklift itself and product? Axelent offers a new way of preventing damage in industrial environments.

Axelent Offer Impact Protection)



Axelent’s impact protections in shock-absorbing plastic is ingeniously designed to soak up impacts and knocks, thereby concentrating damage to the collision guard itself. The impact protection's plastic casing both conceals and isolates the mounting brackets, and in turn the brackets are protected by rubber and plastic dampers.

The outer polymer components flex and absorb impacts and knocks. This protects the floor from knocks and prevents floor fittings from being ripped out and concrete from being cracked by steel barriers. The fact that the collision guard remains in good physical condition and aesthetically pleasing for a long time is also a plus. All you need to remember is to conduct routine inspections to check for any damaged plastic parts that need replacing. And to maybe give them a wipe with a damp cloth.

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