Statement von Amanda Hilding zu Ihrem ersten Jahr als CEO von Axelent

My first year as CEO is soon over and I want to send a big warm thank you to customers, partners and all employees for what we have achieved together. In this ongoing pandemic, we have a continued close dialogue with our customers, and we do what we can, to support them based on each customer's specific needs. 

At Axelent we have had a great start in the year and our customers invests in safety, automation and productivity. We are grateful that we have been able to continue to supply safety to workplaces and that we can continuously work with our vision to make everyone’s work environment safe. We also want to thank our suppliers who has supported us through this time – it is truly a great example of partnership! 

In March we presented our new product X-Rail, which is a fall protection system that is a great addition to our product range. Modularity is a key word when it comes to developing new safety products at Axelent and X-Rail is no exception.

Even if the world is challenging, in many different aspects, we still look bright upon the future. We have many exciting things happening and we look forward for what is to come! We will for sure continue to develop ourselves, our products and our offering to make sure you will get the best solutions and service when it comes to safety!

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