Vietnam’s first car manufacturer chose safety equipment from Axelent

VinFast is Vietnam’s first car manufacturer, with its sights set on worldwide car exports. During the development of the company’s two latest models, a decision was made to implement Axelent products to the full at workstations and in procedures.

Vinfast Chooses Axelent)


VinFast was already familiar with Axelent as X-Guard machine guards were being used for a couple of robot cells at the factory.

One of our Japanese robot partners introduced us to Axelent a few years ago. X-Guard costs a little more than a locally sourced guard system, but the advantages far outweigh the price difference. X-Guard is quite simply outstanding with its high standard and ability to be repurposed in future projects,” says Liu Liangbo, a manager at AAPICO Hitech Tooling Company Ltd with responsibility for the installation of the robot cells at the VinFast factory.

VinFast’s vision is to create classic car models for a broad consumer base and the company’s production target is an annual output of half a million cars as early as 2025. During the manufacture of its latest car models, a sedan and an SUV, VinFast realised there was a need to broaden its partnership with Axelent.

In addition to physical Axelent products, VinFast also decided to implement software solutions such as SnapperWorks in its systems.
SnapperWorks is an excellent calculation tool. It saves us time and we’ve been able to export the data to our CAD tools. What’s more, by working in 3D, we can now produce much more professional customer presentations. We’re extremely pleased,” says Liu Liangbo.

Vinfast Choose Safety Equipment From Axelent



Here’s why VinFast chose Axelent
as a partner for plant safety.


1. Axelent products have a unique design, with high quality and light constructions.

2. Axelent’s speed at bridging cultural gaps between continents and ability to see growth potential in partners.

3. Axelent is an internationally strong brand that stands out from the competition.

4. Axelent’s team members are very agreeable and offer help on all levels.


X-Guard costs a little more than a locally sourced guard system, but the advantages far outweigh the price difference.

Manager at AAPICO Hitech Tooling Company Ltd

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